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what is included in landing page development
briefing and analysis
define goals and objectives, measure the current performance, define portraits of the target audience
analyze competitors and related areas
find the best local and global solutions in design and content
create the primary strategy of promotion
analyze the potential of ad in various channels
clearly define the Target Audience, their lifestyle, needs, pain, objections
create key POINTS
headers, elements of trust, advantages, work with objections
elements of conversion
elements that capture contact, popups, CALL TO ACTION
generate text prototype
add serializable structure, functional blocks
Write clear, simple words that show what goes after the click.

we use different calls to action in different parts of the site so that the client is more likely to leave a request
use the most modern technologies of web design - Animation, Video and Parallax backgrounds, etc.
smart design
it solves specific problems, increases trust, corresponds to the corporate identity
Animation and effects
they attract attention, allow you to present and convey information profitably
нужно еще до создания сайта примерно знать, с каких источников будут приходить клиенты.

аудитория на рекламных площадках различная, возможно, с ней нужно работать по-разному -

например, создать под каждый канал страницы, «заточенные» под его аудиторию
make a concise, clean design with high-quality icons, photos, videos

use a single style, font, color scheme - following the corporate identity of your company
use animation, not to distract, but to place accents, to show the product more effectively and highlight your company
Fast PageSpeed
use modern tools to make the site load quickly
prepare for correct display on various devices and browsers
CMS & Protection against break-ins
add cms - Wordpress, Tilda or other
menu, chat, callback, security system
create clean code, optimize graphic elements, use modern compression technologies
with this layout on a mobile device, the site was displayed better than without it
you can quickly change the text, images and other elements of the site
website security from the hacker attacks

a monitoring system quickly identifies and responds to threats
spelling, clarity for visitors, informative, the impact on the conversion rate, etc.
standards of web design, information perception, etc.
the correctness of the elements, display in different browsers and devices, etc.
set up Google Analytics, set goals for retargeting
SEO Optimization
go to the top of Google
the site should be optimized
integrate E-mail marketing system
(Mailchimp) for further system interaction with the clients who left their contacts
- Title, Description and Keywords
- Clear addresses for each page
- Optimization for Facebook

- Tags for headers (h1, h2 and h3)
- text for images (alt)
- Sitemap, robots.txt

- https
- page 404
- favicon
you will be able to interact with customers automatically using chains of letters, SMS, etc.

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