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Automate order processing
Create 360° customer profile
Increase repeated sales
6 billion
Automate Order Processing
from all sources are collected into a single list and distributed among operators. Each customer has overall communications history despite the channel.
assign tasks to employees automatically, send messages to customers and change their data.
work in a single window mode - it is not necessary to leave CRM for viewing stock balances, issuing invoices, arranging delivery.
Work With Orders
Necessary tools for stream order processing
Assign tasks manually or automatically by means of triggers
Actions with orders
Link orders to each other, copy them, divide or combine
Duplicates detection
All duplicates in CRM are detected automatically. Then you can combine them
History of changes
Every change of the order is saved in the timeline, as well as the changes` author
Customer behavior
See which products the customer viewed at the site or bought. Use this information for relevant repeated sales
Manage the order lifecycle using statuses and statuses groups
Configure validation rules to limit certain actions
Group actions
Reassign managers, change statuses or custom fields, print documents, ticking several orders at the same time
Orders Delivery
Integrate with delivery services and use your own couriers for managing the delivery from the order page
Cost calculation
Delivery cost is calculated on the fly directly on the order page. Customers will love your speed.
Sending a request for delivery
You can send the request to the delivery in 2 clicks, not leaving CRM.
Cost constructor
Use dynamic delivery cost depending on region, weight and order sum.
Delivery statuses
Current delivery statuses are available in CRM. Use them when communicating with a customer or set up automatic notifications.
Managing product shipment
Manage requests for couriers of delivery services.
Your own couriers
Add your own couriers and assign the delivery of orders to them.
Stickers printing
Print stickers and supporting papers directly from the order page.
Integrations made
Connect delivery services you use in the store in the marketplace section.
Automation of Business Processes
Make yourself and your employees free from the manual routine actions by means of automation tools
Statuses matrix
Set the required statuses transitions depending on the order type or the user group
Time limits
Specify the maximum time the order should stay in every status for monitoring expirations in order processing
Smart distribution of orders
Set up the rules for orders distribution according to the order type, method or store
Access rights
Control access rights to orders and customers
Separate statuses for cancellations and returns of products
Statuses for cancellations and returns of products are always in the separate group for correct analytics
Built-in service Geohelper determines time zone, time and customer index automatically, also it calculates the address
Repeated Sales and Loyalty
Built-in CRM marketing helps to move beyond the order
and increase customer LTV on the fly.

Collect customer data from all sources in CRM. Make segmentation of the base taking into account this data.
Set up automatic rules for increasing repeated sales. Send personalized mailings by segments.

Use a loyalty program for customer retention
Sell in Messemgers
CRM Chat aggregates messages from Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Facebook
into a single window and distributes dialogues between managers.

Communicate with customers in messengers in CRM interface. View all earlier information about the customers in 2 clicks.
Create orders directly in CRM conversations. Check stock availability due to built-in product catalogue.
Automate conversations using chatbots and automatic distribution of requests. Use reply templates prepared in advance and context actions for creating orders on the fly
Analytics section
Control Key Business Indicators
Analytics section will help to control the situation in the store in all matters:

- operational indicators by orders and customers

- which products and categories are best-selling

- how your employees work and which of them bring more profit

- what happens to your communications

- what is the financial productivity of your store

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